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Before, landing up in Corbett, I  absolutely had no idea about ‘Project Tigers’-an initiative taken by Jim Corbett National Park, one of the oldest wildlife habitats in the country. Although the words tiger and Kumaon hills are synonymous with the world, a visit to the park gave us a real insight into this conservation project.

The aim behind this was to protect this rare marvel of the wild called the Royal Bengal tiger, in the region, and ours, simply having an urge to see this animal in the wilds, was nothing compared to this noble cause. But thanks to this project that the tigers are safe in the wild and today, people are so much concerned about wildlife conservation.

Though the total number of tigers alive on the earth is a very depressing figure, still we hope it increases in the time to come. This gradual decrease in number made it difficult for us to spot a tiger inside the park. But, the Good news is that Corbett National Park still has the highest tiger density in the world. 112 tigers are left in the park and we were fortunate enough to have a glimpse of them. Not having lost hope, we concentrated on the green bushes in the distance till we spotted one, taking an early morning nap under the sun.

Corbett Male Tiger

You may call this intrusion a very bad idea, but, we simply couldn’t help but marvel at this fearsome yet beautiful animal with wide eyes. Only after witnessing such a scene will you realize why it makes people go crazy after a jeep safari into the deep forests at Corbett national park. The beautiful striped skin of the animal gleaming in the morning sun seemed like a beautiful canvas. The silky fur of the animal made us forget the real nature of the species, but this is how it was meant to be.

Tiger symbolizes power and we are always in awe of the powerful. So, speaking of the powerful, this striped species deserved respect to and as regards this tiger near Jeep Privacy and leisure, we decided to move on. However, it takes time for your mind to accept the fact that what you just spotted, was actually a tiger.

A real tiger just a few yards from your jeep! This enthralling experience left us spellbound, at least for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the normal cacophony of the jungles sounded like soothing music to our ears. When the thrill died down, a normal atmosphere returned but the moment of awe just got cemented in our hearts.

Corbett Safari Tiger Sighting

Gone are the days of poaching and adorning one’s living room with tiger skins, the time has come to strike a balance in the chain. Bengal Tiger The extinction of tigers will not only affect the food chain in the jungles but as an overall result it will also bring down the ideal life cycles on earth. Jim Corbett used to kill tigers only when they posed a threat to human habitats but remember, he was a conservationist too.

When left to its own world, a tiger can never be a threat. So, we better acknowledge the worth of this beautiful creation, not only for its sake but also for the sake of our own existence, because together we make this world and together we sustain it.

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