Bijrani Forest Lodge Corbett Park

Peaceful Forest Rest House to Stay in Jim Corbett National Park.

Bijrani Forest Rest House
Gairal Rest House Corbett
Bijrani Forest Lodge Corbett Park

Bijrani Forest Zone

Bijrani is undoubtedly a priority for tourists and wildlife adventurers as it offers unique topography. The more you explore Bijrani , the more unexplored it seems, and this goes on and on as you move into the interiors of the Corbett national park. The rippling streams with Lantana bushes along the ridges, in fact, lend a truly natural and adventurous feel. For the staunch wildlife lovers, it would indeed be great idea to go across the stream as it can easily bring a Royal Bengal tiger to their sight, if not anything else. Many a times, the Lantana bushes will give you amazing sights of the tigers. The aroma of the Mahua flowers that add to the flora of the Bijrani trail are enticing for the Sloth bears. You can get a perfect view of the Sloth bears crossing your jeep and nothing can be as exciting as such a scene. Sloth bears generally come out to enjoy the sweet nectar of the Mahua flowers and to see them sucking the nectar is indeed an engaging activity.

Flora & Fauna

Bijrani is the place that offers tourists with exemplary diversification in wildlife such as tiger, Wild Dogs, Jackals, Sloth Bear, Barking Deer, Indian Python, Leopard, King Cobra, and Elephant including an array of reptiles and of course, some rare species of birds. Jeep safari is a thrilling experience as it helps you explore the rugged terrain of Bijrani , but if you are serious enough to get access to the remote ridges of national park, Elephant safari could be the best option out. The wild dogs which are popularly known as Dhole by the local inhabitants, are found only in Bijrani, and have a strikingly focused community-hunting technique.

Apart from the wildlife, Corbett National Park is also blessed with a variety of natural bounty of various plants and trees. It offers a host of beautiful flora with an area of 520 square kilometres of Corbett Park. There are various species of trees, climbers, grasses, bamboos, shrubs and herbs. The most common trees include rohini, karipak, ber, grewia, simal, bael, jhingan, kurha, marorphali, tendu, khair, etc.

Accommodation in Bijrani Forest Rest House

Bijrani Forest lodge is situated in the midst of the lush green beautiful woods. It offers you night stay facility with 6 rooms, which comprises 4 double-bed rooms, 2 single-bed rooms and 1 dormitory including 4 beds. All the rooms are very cozy, comforting and clean with all kinds of basic amenities provided. The rest house is located around 9 kms inside the forest from Ram Nagar. It is also provided with a well-maintained canteen with proper mess facilities, where you are served with a variety of sumptuous dishes arranged in a buffet at a very affordable price.

Non – Vegetarian food and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the park. You should also carry your disposable and personal items in a carry bag and dispose it out of the park after finishing your tour.

How to Reach Bijrani Forest Lodge

Aamdanda gate is the entry gate to get inside Bijrani zone for safari and stay in the Bijrani forest lodge. It is approximately 2 kms away from the Ramnagar city. Forest rest house is 7kms inside the Aamdanda Gate.

Best Time to Visit

Bijrani gate opens from 15th October every year but forest lodge accommodation facility is provided from the 15th of November to the 15th of June.

How to Book

The bookings for the Bijrani forest lodge, Corbett Park can be done 45 days prior to your boarding date. Non-Indian travellers can complete their advanced booking procedures 90 days prior to the boarding date. Passport is mandatory for non-Indian travellers as an identity proof.

Don’t Forget to Carry

  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Credit cards
  • Mobile
  • Travel bag
  • Snack
  • Map

Corbett Natinal Park Jeep Safari

Jim Corbett Safari Important information

  • Visitors must be carry entry permits with ID document, which mentioned in permit.
  • Day visit Entry permit for Dhikala Zone is only permitted for the tourists staying inside the forest rest house
  • Entry permit to the Corbett National Park is provisional and it can be cancelled or changed without any prior announcement.
  • Entry permits belongs to you not transferrable for others.
  • Entry to the forest area strictly prohibited after sunset

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