Things To Explore in Jim Corbett National Park, That Make It An Amazing Trip.

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Things to do in Jim Corbett contain Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Trekking, Mountain Biking,  Fishing, Camping, Rock Climbing, River Crossing, Bird Watching, Garjiya Temple, Visiting Corbett Waterfall, and many more.

Jim Corbett National Park is one of India’s most famous national parks and the first national park created in Asia. Located in the state of Uttarakhand, this park is expanded over  ​​1318 square kilometers and houses thousands of species of birds, animals, and plants.

One of the most exciting activities in Jim Corbett National Park is to see the many animals in their wild habitat, apart from spending time in calm nature. Travelers can experience a fantastic amalgamation of experiences here. Adventure buffs can enjoy unique activities like rock climbing, rappelling, trekking in the jungles, etc. Nature lovers looking for a quiet retreat can enjoy camping, tours, and calm walks along the river. If you think about what to do in Jim Corbett, we have an extensive list of fun, educational and engaging activities that you can enjoy on your trip there and make it mesmerizing.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari Corbett National Park

Enjoying a jeep safari amidst the thick forest of Jim Corbett is one of the best ways to explore the national park. Best things to do in Jim Corbett Park, this one is probably the most exciting as you can watch the exotic animals in the garden as they flourish in their natural terrain. The park offers four zones to book your safari according to your choice.

Imagine an open-air jeep taking you to areas with the closest attention of animals, such as leopards, Bengal tigers, elephants, monkeys, red foxes, and the black bear. It is also an excellent activity for photographers and animal lovers, as it allows one to be as close to nature as possible.

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari Corbett National Park

If you love elephant riding, there can be no better option than Corbett National Park. It is a natural way to enjoy nature’s wildlife and treat yourself to stunning views of prime areas, valleys, riverbanks, and dense forests. Many birds chirping, flying, and making musical sounds all around Thrills.

Riding on the back of an elephant with a trained mahout is one of the best things to do in Corbett Tiger Reserve. An elephant ride is the best option to explore the lush landscape and nature at a safe height of 9 to 10 feet; From there, you can see reptiles, mammals, and many species of birds. The elephant safari follows a fixed route to ensure complete sightseeing by the travelers and tourists and is available only in Dhikala and Bijrani regions.

Explore Corbett Museum

Corbett Museum

Corbett Museum is one of the fascinating places in the entire national park. The museum is now housed in the bungalow that used to be the home of the famous conservationist—Jim Corbett—after whom the park is named.

The museum is home to a lot of educational material that teaches visitors about the Bengal tiger, the notorious man-eater, and other animals. You can also find stories about Jim Corbett, his adventures, and his efforts to create a safe and livable environment for animals. 


Fishing in Corbett Kosi River

If you are a gourmand and love fishing and cooking yourself, then Jim Corbett National Park is the perfect place for it. Hunter-turned-conservationist Jim Corbett was the first person who struck up the idea of ​​fishing in the Ramganga River.

The river flows throughout the park, filled with various local fish that can be caught, dried, and later cooked by a fire in the woods. Some of the big fish found in Ramganga include Mashiro and Gunch. Fishing can be done in this river near Balyali, Bandharan Bashal, Matwash, and Rikavasi.

There are also other fishing grounds located near another river called Kosi, which flows near Corbett Park. This river is rich in Mahseer and the best time to go fishing in it is from October to April when you will find fish in abundance.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Corbett Park

Adventure lovers might be wondering what to do in Jim Corbett if they are looking for something rousing and exciting. Jim Corbett National Park offers an exciting Mountain biking activity for them. This park is one of the most suitable places for cycling in Uttarakhand.

Its clean, unobstructed trails, ride-on views, and smooth mountain roads that take you through forests and rivers make it unique. Even though it is one of the most sought-after activities in Jim Corbett, there are a few parameters that you should be aware of before you go mountain biking. People under 18 are strictly not allowed to participate in this activity. A physical fitness test is conducted to ensure that you can get the most out of your ride.

Visit Corbett Fall

Corbett Fall Ramnagar

Another untold fun if you plan to visit Jim Corbett National Park is the Corbett Waterfall. It is situated at about 22 to 25 kms from Ramnagar by road while going to Nainital. It has another entrance from Kaladhungi, situated at a distance of about 4 kms from Ramnagar Road. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful water stream from a safe distance because entry is not allowed in Corbett Waterfall.

Corbett Falls is surrounded by dense teak forest, enhancing its beauty. The water falling lightly on the ground, mixed with the melodious chirping of birds, creates the perfect natural music that a nature lover would surely want to hear.

Pursue Grace in Garjiya Temple

Garjiya Temple Ramnagar

Garjiya Temple is one of the most famous temples in the Nainital district, thronged by thousands of devotees between November and December. It is a holy temple situated on a big rock near Kosirivar. You will also get to see the idol of Lakshmi-Narayan which is very ancient and dates back to the 9th century.

The idol is made of black granite, a rare stone that is not easily found. Tourists usually take a bath in the Kosi River before entering this famous temple. It is believed most auspicious to visit this temple on Kartik Purnima. On this day, your wishes are fulfilled by praying sincerely and pursuing blessings.


Trekking in Corbett Park Ramngar

If you want to explore every corner of nature and wildlife by trek, trekking in Jim Corbett National Park welcomes you. Though trekking is not allowed in the park’s main areas, you can go trekking in the reserve forest area of ​​the park, especially around the Tiger Reserve.

Sitabani is an ideal place for trekking. It is a densely inhabited forest area where you can meet tigers, elephants, deer, monkeys, and jackals; Those who keep coming near in the hope of food from the visitors/tourists. That’s why the food item is not allowed inside the park.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching Corbett National Park

If you are a bird watcher and have a soft heart for winged mammals, then bird watching is one of the vital charms to do in Corbett National Park. For many, it is hard to believe that Corbett Park boasts of over 650 bird species, including migratory birds.

The best time to go on a bird-watching trip in this park is in winter, November-December. This is when migratory birds come to India from as far as Siberia to escape the cold. The birds include finch, forest dove, hornbill, Siberian crane, robin,  kingfisher, and babbler.

River Crossing

River Crossing Corbett Park Ramnagar

The river crossing is fun and dangerous and easy challenging because you need to balance against the flow while crossing the river. If the current is powerful, you can get swept away too.

Easy because you will be much safer if you choose the right places and go for shallow river crossings instead of deeper ones. It will be an added advantage if you know how to swim. Corbett River, Corbett River, Ramganga, and Kosi River are the three rivers that flow through and close to Corbett. All three have several points from which one can cross them on foot. There is another way to cross the river, and that is by using ropes. In this, the string is tied from one end to the other, and you have to climb the single or double rope bridge, holding the rope and maintaining balance.

Rock Climbing

Climbing in Corbett Park Ramnagar

Even though there are many activities that you can enjoy in Jim Corbett National Park, there is none quite like rock climbing. Whether you are a skilled rock climber or a newbie, the thrill of climbing the Himalayan mountain face is genuinely one of a sort.

The activity requires physical fitness, concentration, and teamwork, and the reward at the end is a breath-taking view of the surrounding mountain ranges and forests of the national park. Visitors are provided with the gear and training needed to complete the activity safely and successfully.

Kosi River

Kosi River Ramnagar

One of the most peaceable things to do in Jim Corbett National Park is visiting the Kosi River. The clear waters of the Kosi River, which originates from the Dharpari Dhar of Almora, flow through the national park, giving visitors a chance to experience the cool breezes and natural beauty.

The bed of the Kosi river is full of boulders, which makes the surrounding picturesque and the river unpredictable. Strong tides and strong currents characterize the river making it ideal for activities such as picnics, camping,  or simply relaxing on the shore.

Corbett Souvenirs Shop

Corbett Souvenir Shop

If you want to buy some gifts based on the emblem of Corbett National Park for your relatives and friends, then you can get great gifts from Souvenir Shop here. These gifts include caps, magnets, scenery, pictures of tigers, and more. If you are interested, then definitely visit Corbett Sovereign Shop.

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