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Jim Corbett Park Information and Important Tips

Jim Corbett National Park is located in Uttarakhand State and considers as the oldest national park in India. Jim Corbett National Park is named on “Sir Jim Corbett” the famous hunter, who converted into a wildlife conservator. Thousands of human lives survived by Sir Jim Corbett who was affected by the Man eaters Tigers and Leopards in Tarai – Bhabar area of western Uttar Pradesh. Jim Corbett National Park was the first National wildlife area, that comes under “Project Tiger” in India.


1: Jim Corbett Park Best Timing to Visit – 15 November to 30th of Jun

Before planning your trip in the best location of India – Jim Corbett National Park, make sure you are selecting the appropriate timing. The best safari zone of Jim Corbett is opened in between  – 15th October to 30th of Jun.

Jim Corbett National Park spreads more than 512 square Kms including Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. For better tourism management it’s divided into 6 tourist zones. In every zone, tourists can visit by open jeep and canter.

Corbett Park Zones and their opening and closing timings are as below:

Visiting Zone                       Opening Timing                  Closing Timing

Jhirna Zone                              Round of the Year                    Only due to heavy rains

Dhela Zone                               Round of the Year                    Only due to heavy rains

Bijrani Zone                              15th of October                         30th of Jun

Durgadevi Zone                       15th of November                     15th of Jun

Dhikala Zone                            15th of November                    15th of Jun

Pakhro Zone                             15th of November                     15th of Jun

Vatanva Zone                           15th of November                     15th of Jun

 Corbett Park completely opens after the 15th of November. To visit the forest, Jeep, and Canter both safari options are available. So if you are seriously want to visit Corbett Park stay at least 3 to 4 days here and take all the best safari options.

Winter Jeep Safari in Corbett Park

Why Winter?

The Winter season in Jim Corbett Park from October to Feb is the best timing for birds watching. Jim Corbett Park is home for more than 600 species of birds including migrants. Various Himalayan birds fly down to Jim Corbett and nearby territory for nesting during the winter season.

In winters you can easily see the common reptiles also near Ramganga river like – Alligators, Crocodiles, Golden Mahseers, Otters, Python, etc.

 Why Summers?

Summer Season is perfect to watch the big Mammals like – Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Wild Boars, Blue Bull, Sambhar Deer, Spotted Dears, Barking Dears, Hogg Dears, Languor’s many others.

2: Plan Your Jim Corbett Trip Min 45 Days Prior to Get the Best Zone Safari:

It’s an important thing to know about Corbett safari booking. Jim Corbett Park “Tiger Reserve” zone Safari bookings are opens 45 days prior to the actual visiting date.

This means if you are planning to visit Jim Corbett Park on 14 December your booking will open on 1 November. All booking happens on a first come first serve basis. All the hot favorite zones are being booked as per priority.

So if you plan your trip 45 days before visiting, you can get the best option of safari inside the National Park.

IF ALL THE TIGER RESERVE ZONE SAFARI WILL FULL – YOU WILL HAVE ONLY OPTION TO WATCH BUFFER AREA FOREST – SITABANI ZONE (It’s not specific for animals such as other Corbett Tiger Reserve Zones). So book Jim Corbett Packages before 45 Days. 

3: Safari Instructions Clothing’s and do and don’ts

During to visit by jeep or canter safari at Jim Corbett National Park, you have to follow the following ruling of Corbett Tiger Reserve

  • Visitors have to carry their safari or accommodation permits at the entry gate. All the travelers named on the permit must have their original ID. All the IDs are being checked by the forest officials.
  • Walking, Trekking, and coming down from the vehicle is strictly prohibited inside the park.
  • Shouting, teasing, or chasing animals or attempts to feed them are prohibited and will invite severe penalties.
  • Music is not allowed inside of Corbett National Park.
  • Smoking and lighting of any kind of fire are strictly banned in Jim Corbett National Park.
  • Any kind of non-vegetarian food and use of liquor is strictly prohibited inside the Corbett national park.
  • All visitors are requested to have on clothes of colors that combine with the natural surroundings (Khaki, Olive green, other dull colors).
  • obtaining entry permits at the reception of Jim Corbett national park. Entry timings are synchronized in such a manner that a visitor must reach their place of stay before sunset in Tiger Reserve. 

4: How much time you have to spend in Jim Corbett Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the biggest National Park in India. To visit the complete park at least 15 days require but you can select Jim Corbett Tour Package as per your comfort.

If you are a weekend traveler from a nearby metro city like Delhi, Dehradun, Chandigarh, and Lucknow you can plan for 1 Night 2 Day package in it you can enjoy one time safari inside the park and go for sightseeing nearby places like – Garjiya Temple (at the bank of river Kosi), Dhangari Museum, Sitabani, Jim Corbett Fall, etc.

But if you want 2 to 4 times safari you have to stay at least 2 Night’s in Corbett at the private resort or the forest lodge. Jim Corbett Park is work famous for its accommodation facility inside the jungle. It’s the only National park in India that caters the tourist stay inside the safari gate. Dhikala, Gairal, Bijrani, Sarapduli, Sultan, Malani, Jhirna, Halduparao, and Kanda have forest rest houses for tourist accommodation and food arrangements.


A major number of tourists stay in private resorts during Jim Corbett’s visit and take Jeep and canter to visit the forest.

If you have a long holiday you can include Nainital, Ranikhet, Kausani, and Binsar in your trip plan and enjoy a wildlife tour with the charming hill station of Uttarakhand.

5: Resort Selections for Jim Corbett Tour

Serenity Corbett Resort

A number of resorts are residing nearby at the periphery of Jim Corbett National Park. These are listed in various categories like 2 Star, 3 Star, and 4 Star. Around Jim Corbett various small villages where resorts are located like – Dhikuli Village, Dhela, Choi, Kyari, Teda, Mohan, Marchula, Kumeria, Patkot, Bhakrakot many more.

Select your resort located in a beautiful landscape and near the safari gate. The hot favorite locations to stay are – Dhikuli, Dhela, Teda, Mohan, and Kyari village.  Surroundings of the resort located in these areas make you feel the forest and your stay is near at the jeep safari entry gates. So your valuable Jungle Safari timing might not be wasted.


Serenity Corbett : (3 STAR) A small boutique resort in Jim Corbett. Located in Dhikuli Village.

Infinity Corbett : (5 STAR) Luxury wildlife resort spared more than 9 Acers

Tiger Camp : (3 STAR) Beautiful wildlife resort

Pratiksha River View Retreat : (3 STAR) Beautiful river view resort

Aahana Resort : (5 STAR)  One of the best super-luxury resort in Jim Corbett Park

Tusker Trail : (4 STAR)  Luxury resort in Corbett Park. Located in Dhela Village

Corbett Machaan Resort : (3 STAR)  Beautifully located best boutique resort in Teda Village.

Corbett Wild Iris : (4 STAR)  Jungle location Stay

Manu Maharani Corbett : (4 STAR)  Luxury riverside resort in Dhikuli Village


Hopefully mentioning tips will help you to select a perfect tour package for your upcoming Jim Corbett visit. You can get a safari zone permit according to your booking timing and can select resort accommodation as per your budget.

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