Corbett Forest Lodges

Forest lodges are the only option to stay inside the entry gate of Corbett Tiger Reserve. Forest lodges are available in every zone of Corbett National Park like inside Dhikala zone 5 forest lodges are available – Dhikala main forest lodgeGairal Forest Lodge, Khinanauli Forest Lodge,Sarapduli forest lodge and Sultan forest lodge.Entry gate Of Dhikala forest zone is Dhangari. Bijrani Zone have two forest lodges for the tourists Main Bijrani lodge and Malani forest lodge and Jhirna safari zone have Jhirna forest lodge. Lohachaur and Rathuadhab guest houses are inside Durgadevi forest zone. Kanda rest house is inside Kanda Zone. Kanda is the north most side of Corbett National Park.

Forest Lodge in Corbett National Park

Corbett Zones Forest Lodges Number of rooms Entry Gate
Dhikala Zone Dhikala Forest Lodge 20 Dhangari Gate
Sarapduli Rest House 2
Sultan Rest House 2
Gairal Rest House 6
Khinnanauli Rest House 4
Bijarani Zone Malani Rest House 4 Amdanda Gate
Bijrani Rest House 4 Dormitory
2 Single bedded rooms
2 Double Bedded Rooms
Jhirna Zone Jhirna Rest Houes 4 Dhela Gate
Sonanadi Zone Lohachaur Rest House Vatanvasaa Gate
Rathuadhab Rest House
Halduparo Rest House
Dhela Dhela Rest House Dhela Gate

How to Book

Tourists need to book permit to insure their stay inside the forest lodge. Permits issue by the Corbett Tiger Reserve Management as per request basis. Currently it is being first come first serve basis. It probably be online after Jan 2013.

Opening Time and Best Time

Forest lodges opens First week of November to Mid June during this period you can stay inside the forest and get the extreme adventure of wildlife. You have to plan 2-3 months before to pre book the permits to stay inside.