Resorts in Jim corbett National Park

If you are planning to visit the wildlife destination, Corbett National Park, then you will be amazed to know that there are various luxury resorts in Jim Corbett National Park where you can stay during your wildlife moment. Through this article you will be aware about some luxury resorts of Jim Corbett park.

Do you want to explore the wildlife of Jim Corbett National Park with comfort and luxury matching the international standards?

If Yes

then you should book a room in one of the sumptuousness resorts of Jim Corbett that offers top class facilities and services with an Indian touch. All the resorts of Jim Corbett are equipped with Indian Herbal Spas & Pools.

Corbett Hideaway Resort

Hideway Resort

This is a huge resortCorbett Hideway Resort constructed on a 13 acre land overlooking the mango grove. This resort is surrounded with so much greenery that it gives a feeling of living in the middle of forest.The wonderful stillness is broken only by the sound of the Kosi River and myriad birds.This resort is the first preference and the top choice of tourists visiting this park.

Aahana Resort

Aahana Resort

Aahana resort touches the forests ofAahana Resort Corbett National Park all along its entire length on the north eastern boundary.This is an An eco-friendly resort spread in 11 acres along with the long stretched wall of Corbett national Park. This Resort is the new heaven of wellness and rejuvenation for those seeking a luxury resort experience.

The Den Resort

The Den Corbett Resort

This resort is spread over Den Corbett Resort13 acres of reserve forest land and surrounded by thick Sal forest and gentle murmuring Kosi River flowing along the all resort. This is concealed in thick mango grove garden and the jungle native animals hang ripe and luscious mangoes of various kinds in season. tourists can also enjoy the enchanting view of sunset, moon rise and sunrise.

Soullona Resort

Corbett Solluna Resort

This beautifully constructed resort was nestled on 25 acre land and it is situated in the valley of Merchula. From this resort you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the river Ramganga that flows behind this resort. Apart from this, tourists can also enjoy the enchanting view of sunset, moon rise and sunrise. The delicate architecture as well as the scenic location setting makes this resort a perfect place for peace lover. The quality of services and facilities are excellent.

Country Inn Resort

Country Inn Resort

If you are looking for a tree top cottage from where you can enjoy the wildlife? Then, you should stay in this resort and enjoy this unique glory. Tree top cottage along with a number of adventure sports are the main attractions of this hotel.This offers various adventure sports that attract several tourists round the year. There are also other rooms available in the resort that offers you the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife and nature beauty in comfort and luxury. One of the special features of the hotel is the glass bedrooms surrounded by mango treesThis is the ultimate place for accommodation during your Jim Corbett National Park visit.

Infinity Resort

Infinity Resort

If you select this resort for accommodation then Living in this Resort would give a feel of living the same setting as described in Rudyard Kipling’s book. There is great deal of wilderness surrounded by beautiful greenery and wilderness surroundings with river Kosi flowing behind it.This resort is beautifully nestled in inspiring location and the environment of the resort is equally mesmerizing. There is a golghar in this resort in which the ceiling is made of bamboo that has a spider web like appurtenance with stone cut pillars. Mouth watering dishes served in the multi cuisine restaurant would remain in memory long after the trip.

Manu Maharani

Manu Maharani Resort

This Beautiful resort is situated in the outskirts of the jim Corbett national park. This resort is just 6 hours drive away from India’s capital, Delhi. The services and facilities of this resort are excellent. It’s located on the Himalayan range with River Kosi flowing very close to it.Tourists those who are looking for tranquility and peace and want to rejuvenate after hectic schedule must consider a stay at this resort.

These were some of the resorts in Jim Corbett National Park that you may use for accommodation during your visit to this national park.

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