Jim Corbett National Park Online Booking

As I think all people of India and almost around the world are familiar with Jim Corbett national park.if you don’t then I am going to provide you with some information on that why this is the most desired tourist destination.Jim Corbett National Park

The main reason for this popularity of the park is its flora & fauna and because it is the first and most famous national wildlife park for tiger reserve in India. There are found around 110 tree species, 50 species of mammals, 580 species of bird and 25 reptile species and much more.

We can explore Corbett national park as the heaven for tigers and really also for its prey. Tigers in Corbett Park its prey is four kinds of deer, wild boar and many little-known animals. one can see a black bear in the higher hills of that park whereas sloth bear is found in the lower region of the park.wild dogs and jackal can be seen in the southern areas of the park. Another smaller inhabitants of the park are Masked Palm Civet, Gray Mongoose, Black Naped Hare and Porcupine in which Elephants are one of the main attractions of Jim Corbett Park.

Jim Corbett national park has been one of the most favoured choices for most of the tourists. Nowadays Jim Corbett national park online booking has become the first and best choice for the tourists.Tourists can book online accommodation like resorts, hotels and forest lodges.and can easily get booking of safari.

There are too many resorts near and inside the core area of Jim Corbett national park.they are categorized as luxury, deluxe and budgeted.one can book these resorts according to their need.forest lodges actually situated inside the Corbett national park and this is the property of the government.

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